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Navigating the music industry's demands – from mental health hurdles to the complexities of time management and the often-overwhelming business and financial aspects – can feel like an uphill climb. When you add The Coaching Piece, you'll be adding support tailored to the unique challenges faced by music artists. Picture a transformative journey where the chaos dissipates, and you find an Oasis – a serene space to navigate the intricacies of your craft, maintain balance, and achieve sustainable success. Our process is your sanctuary, offering a calm retreat amid the industry storm. Ready to harmonize your life and career? Let The Coaching Piece be your Oasis on the journey to artistic fulfillment.

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Mental Health 

Let's face it, mental health issues suck, but they're real.  When artists add The Coaching Piece they add support and coping mechanisms tailored to the unique challenges of an artist's lifestyle.  The Coaching Piece will provide artists with a toolkit for managing mental health challenges. Artists experience a sense of resilience, knowing they have coping mechanisms and tools tailored to their unique lifestyle, fostering emotional well-being. 

Creative Blocks 

Many artists encounter periods of creative stagnation. It's normal.  However, sometimes those periods drag on and on and on... When you add The Coaching Piece, you'll learn how to shift energy from level to level, overcoming various blocks and sparking creativity more quickly.  Through our energetic process, artists will break free from creative stagnation, discovering a continuous flow of inspiration. The process will unlock untapped potential, fostering a sense of liberation and rejuvenating and reignite your passion for artistic expression. 

Time Management 

Let's face it, balancing artistic pursuits with administrative tasks suck.  When artists add The Coaching Piece, to their team, time management strategies are made more simple through strategies, accountability, and shifts in energy.  Our sessions will empower artists to efficiently balance creative pursuits with administrative tasks. The newfound clarity and organization will provide a sense of control, allowing them to focus on their craft without feeling overwhelmed. 

Financial Literacy


Business aspects such as budgeting, financial planning, and understanding revenue streams are areas artists often need guidance and clarity for establishing sustainable careers.  When you add The Coaching Piece, you'll increase your financial IQ and approach financial aspects of your business and life with confidence and greater clarity. No more grasping over budgeting, financial planning, and revenue streams. Ahhhhhh...Yes!!!!




Navigating the complexities of self-promotion, branding, and marketing requires strategic guidance for artists to establish their presence in the industry.  We get it. It can seem daunting how to cut through the clutter.  When you add The Coaching Piece artists navigate self-promotion seamlessly, transforming the complexities of branding and marketing into opportunities for genuine connection. 


Performance Anxiety


Assistance in managing stage fright and performance anxiety is crucial for artists aiming to enhance their on-stage presence.  After adding The Coaching Piece, artists will experience a newfound confidence on stage, turning anxiety into a source of empowerment. The techniques learned will transform performances into moments of self-expression and deeper connection with the audience.




Building meaningful connections within the music industry is like finding your way home to mom's chicken cutlets.  When you add The Coaching Piece, you'll garner guidance on networking strategies to propel career advancement.  Our approach guides artists in building meaningful connections, turning networking into a source of inspiration and collaboration. Artists will feel supported and connected within the industry, enhancing their sense of belonging.


Winning Deals 

Artists often negotiate contracts, collaborations, and deals. When you add The Coaching Piece, artists learn to refine negotiation skills to secure favorable terms.  After refining negotiation skills through coaching, artists will confidently navigate contracts and collaborations, securing terms that align with their goals. This newfound assertiveness will foster a sense of professional empowerment. 

Goal Setting


Establishing and achieving both short-term and long-term goals is a common struggle. Do I release this song, or go on tour? Do I buy more merch or print on demand? Should I write more or produce more? When artists add The Coaching Piece they learn to set realistic and achievable objectives aligned with their vision for the artist they aim to be - transforming goal-setting into a dynamic and achievable process. The sense of accomplishment from reaching realistic objectives fuels motivation and drive for continued success. 

Work-life Integration


There's no such thing as work-life-balance.  It's a cruel joke. However, integrating your music work into your daily life including family, friends, and "me time," is fully achievable.  When artists add The Coaching Piece they learn healthy work-life integration strategies - experiencing a renewed sense of joy and fulfillment, preventing burnout and allowing creativity to flourish in the beautiful life they are creating. 

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