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Meet Neil Doherty, CPC, the mind, heart and soul behind The Coaching Piece. 


A maestro in propelling individuals and companies to new heights, Neil's journey is as diverse as it is inspiring. Successful entrepreneur, corporate executive, ICF accredited certified professional coach, former collegiate athlete, music enthusiast, family man, God loving and lifelong leader – Neil's blend of passion, expertise, and credentials uniquely equip him to guide you on a transformative journey. 

Shaped by many of life's twists, including the deaths of his parents at early ages, Neil was born to lead. The oldest brother in a home of five siblings, Captain of his HS football and basketball teams and an active volunteer for the Special Olympics in Freehold, New Jersey where he grew up, Neil was apply voted by his peers "Best All Around." A motorcycle accident ended Neil's college football career creating new physical and psychological challenges to overcome.  

Since then, Neil has been instrumental in founding, co-founding, leading, and successfully exiting 15 entrepreneurial and private equity-backed companies valued at over $500M. Additionally, Neil has held corporate executive leadership roles at two Fortune 500 companies, including Omnicom's "Unit 7" and Alliance Data System's "Epsilon." Neil and his teams have secured dozens of multi-million-dollar agency of record contracts and numerous brand assignments for some of the world's largest companies. This extensive experience demonstrates Neil's exceptional leadership skills and significant impact on multiple ventures' success.  

The people and companies Neil has served span many verticals and include Coca-Cola, BMW, Sotheby's, Bristol Myers Squibb, GSK, Schering, J&J, Caesars Hotel & Resorts, SeaDream Yacht Club, Reliant Energy, Gold's Gym, GREY, Velocity Sports Performance, Nike, Retro Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Workout Anytime, Concourse Athletic Club and dozens of other leading brands.   


With a 34-year marriage to his college sweetheart and soulmate Neil and his wife Lisa have three highly accomplished sons, whom Neil dubs the Coder, Chiro and Creator, for their work in software engineering, chiropractic and music. Neil embodies dedication to fostering growth and achievement.  


The Coaching Piece, Neil's latest venture, represents Neil's essence, rooted in a genuine desire to empower others to reach new heights and fulfillment.  

With a foundation built on the robust principles of energy leadership and guided by the seasoned hands of Neil and his expert coaches, The Coaching Piece promises a bespoke odyssey designed to not just meet but shatter your objectives. Integrate The Coaching Piece into the fabric of your life and business and embark on an unparalleled journey to the next-level.  


Add the missing piece. The Coaching Piece. 

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