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30-min Complimentary Session

Let's get to know each other

  • 30 minutes
  • Zoom Call

Service Description

Welcome to The Coaching Piece - Where Your Journey Begins: Embark on a 30-minute discovery call with our ICF accredited coaches, unlocking the transformative power of coaching. Here's what to expect: Introduction: Begin your journey with a warm welcome and introductions. Our coach sets the stage for a collaborative conversation, inviting you to share about your background, goals, and focus areas. Understanding Your Objectives: Our coach guides you to uncover deeper objectives through discussion. Explore challenges, aspirations, and desired changes in your personal or professional life, with thought-provoking questions revealing key insights. Exploring Coaching Dynamics: Dive into coaching foundations as our coach explains the process and dynamics. Discuss confidentiality, the client-coach relationship, and the coaching framework. Feel free to ask any questions aligning with your unique needs. Clarifying Expectations: Align your expectations collaboratively. Discuss session frequency, duration, communication channels, and overall commitment. Establish mutual expectations for a harmonious coaching journey. Sample Coaching Exercise: Experience the transformative power of coaching through a brief exercise. Explore a specific topic or goal firsthand, witnessing how coaching uncovers insights, generates solutions, and propels you forward. Addressing Your Questions and Concerns: Dedicate time to address any questions or concerns about the coaching process, methodologies, or our coach's background. Transparency is key to building trust in our commitment to a successful coaching relationship. Closing and Next Steps: As the discovery call concludes, our coach summarizes key takeaways. Discuss mutual interest in moving forward, and if it feels right, outline next steps, including logistics, scheduling, and any pre-coaching preparations. Throughout your discovery call, we focus on creating a safe space for you to express your thoughts and aspirations. Our coach actively listens, asks powerful questions, providing a taste of the transformative potential that coaching can bring to your life. Each discovery call is tailored to your needs, and the structure may vary based on our coach's style and your preferences. Our goal is to foster a collaborative and empowering environment, enabling you to make an informed decision about your coaching journey with The Coaching Piece. Your journey toward personal and professional success starts now! Let's go!!

Contact Details

1 Galambos Way, Sandy Springs, GA, USA

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